About Us

Manufacturing high quality water filtration and water treatment systems for the past 15 years, Solid group Filters are installed and operating in thousands of locations worldwide, filtering surface and underground water, seawater and wastewater in the most challenging environments such as seawater desalination plants, petrochemical plants, oil drilling platforms, coal mines, steel mills and municipal drinking and wastewater treatment plants.

“We offer advanced solutions to your process fluid filtration and water treatment projects.”

Applications of Our Filters

Intake Sea Water Filtration

Injection Water Filtration

Cooling Water Filtration

Wastewater Teritary Filtration

UV Prefiltration

UF Membrane Protection

RO Membrane Protection

Process Filtration

Pump Protection

Wastewater Treatment

Drinking Water Treatment

Water Distribution and Storing

Surface Water Filtration

Sea Water Filtration

Water Intake


UV Prefiltration

UF Membrane Protection

Sprinkler Protection

Drip Irrigation Filtration

Center Pivot Irrigation Protection

Watering Channel Intake

Irrigation with Wastewater

UV Prefiltration

Membrane Filtration


Our Clients

Filtration process solutions to our prestigious customers for their worldwide projects.